Tesa 8444 – Copolyester based thermoplastic tape 100µm

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Tesa Thermoplastic HAF 8444 is a copolyester based thermoplastic bonding film. This transparent double-sided tape has no backing. It is protected by s strong paper liner.

Tesa Thermoplastic HAF 8444 is free of halogen and compliant with current ROHS standards.

At room temperature tesa® Thermoplastic HAF 8444 is not tacky. It is activated by heat while applying slight pressure.

Special Features:

Reliable and ageing resistant bonds

Very high bonding strength on large bonding areas

Low bonding pressure required

Bonds remain elastic

Main applications

tesa® HAF 8444 is especially recommended for bonding of metal components to various plastic or metal surfaces, e.g. SUS or AL to PC, PMMA or ABS:

  • Bonding of decorative metal components
  • Bonding of logo to housing
  • Fabric bonding in accessories

Technical properties

Backing material none
Color transparent
Total thickness 100 µm
Type of adhesive copolyester
Type of liner glassine
Bonding strength 5.5 N/mm²
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