tesa® 65610 InvisiBond One Lift: One-Time Removable Foam Tape

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InvisiBond One Lift (tesa® 65610) is a double-sided PE foam tape equipped with a PET reinforcement film. It consists of a tackified acrylic adhesive with a well-balanced performance on a wide variety of surfaces.

The main disadvantage of conventional foam tapes becomes apparent when they have to be removed: Visible foam residue remains on the substrate, which is time-consuming and costly to remove.

Product Features

  • Our double-sided PE foam tapes are primarily characterized by its ability to compensate irregular surfaces, enabling high bonding power even on rough surfaces and an excellent shock absorption.
  • The newly developed InvisiBond One Lift (tesa® 65610) brings an end to foam residue thanks to its unique product design: The PET reinforcement film enables undesirable foam residues to be removed quickly, easily and completely. The noticeable results for our customers are significant time and cost savings.
  • PET reinforcement film to allow quick, easy and complete removability of foam residue
  • Versatile adhesive for high initial and ultimate bonding power even on critical substrates

Application Fields

InvisiBond One Lift (tesa® 65610) is especially suitable for customers that want to remove bonded parts from non-delaminating surfaces without leaving behind unsightly foam residue. Example mounting applications include but are not limited to:

  • Price label strips (shelf edge strips, shelf label holder, etc.)
  • POS displays
  • Exhibition sample displays
  • Temporary signage
  • Decorative elements for furniture


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