Tesa 64621 – Double-sided transparent self-adhesive tape

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tesa® 64621 is a transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PP-carrier and a synthetic rubber adhesive mass system (hotmelt).

With the hotmelt adhesive, tesa® 64621 is solvent free and offers a very high tack.

tesa® 64621 is protected by a siliconized paper liner.

Main Applications

  • General purpose fixing tape
  • Self-adhesive mounting of decorative and packaging materials
  • Bonding of foils, fabrics, paper and plastic materials
Technical Data
Backing material PP film
Colour transparent
Total thickness 90 µm
Type of adhesive synthetic rubber
Type of liner glassine
Thickness of liner 70 µm
Colour of liner brown
Weight of liner 78 g/m²
Adhesion to
Steel (initial) 10 N/cm
PE (initial) 5 N/cm
PP (initial) 8 N/cm
PVC (initial) 9 N/cm
Steel (after 14 days) 15 N/cm
PE (after 14 days) 6.5 N/cm
PP (after 14 days) 13 N/cm
PVC (after 14 days) 13.5 N/cm
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