tesa® 60408 Bio-based paper packaging tape

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tesa® 60408 is a paper-based packaging tape featuring a premium paper backing and a well-performing waterborne natural rubber adhesive. The paper backing of tesa® 60408 is made with paper from well-managed forests and other controlled sources. This premium paper backing is tear-resistant with a high tensile strength. Thanks to the silicone-free release coat, a very good pintability with all types of ink systems is secured (externally tested). The well-performing natural rubber adhesive system provides strong adhesion and a good initial tack on a wide variety of carton qualities. tesa® 60408 is the perfect solution for light- and medium-weight packaging applications (max. 20 kg) where a premium performance is required.

Sustainable Aspects

  • The paper backing is made with paper from well-managed forests and other controlled sources
  • 92% bio-based carbon content in total product (certified by DIN CERTCO)
  • Highest bio-based carbon content rating from DIN CERTCO
  • Recycling-friendly according to INGEDE method 12 (78/100)
  • Solvent-free production process

Product Features

  • Strong & robust backing material
  • Very good adhesive performance
  • Can be torn by hand
  • Printable with all types of inks

Application Fields

  • Ideal for the sealing of cardboard boxes up to 20 kg
  • Suitable for manual and automatic applications
  • Printable with all types of ink systems


  • Din Certco
  • INGEDE12


Total Sustainable Product Content Bio-based (bio-carbon content) 92 %
Backing material Paper
Bio-based or recycled content Backing material Bio-based (bio-carbon content)
Type of adhesive natural rubber
Bio-based or recycled content Adhesive Bio-based (bio-carbon content)
Total thickness 125 µm
Elongation at break 8 %
Tensile strength 60 N/cm
Adhesive strength Standard adhesion
Automatic application yes
Hand tearability yes
Humidity resistance medium
Low noise unwinding no
Manual application yes
Printability very good
Solvent free yes
Suitable surfaces Cardboard
Tear resistance no
Adhesion to Steel 2.8 N/cm


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