Tesa 51608 PET fleece tape for flexibility and noise damping

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tesa® 51608 is the universal tape for wire harness bundling in the passenger compartment. It combines important features as noise dampening, abrasion resistance, and bundling strength while keeping harnesses flexible supporting an easy harness assembly process at the OEM. tesa® 51608 a PET fleece wire harness tape with a rubber based adhesive that is optimized for manual application.

  • tesa® 51608 is a PET fleece wire harness tape with a rubber based adhesive.
  • Major Features: Noise damping
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Handtearable
  • Color: Black

nMain Applications

tesa® 51608 is designed for the passenger compartment, providing flexibility and noise damping.

Technical Data
Backing material PET fleece
Total thickness 280 µm
Type of adhesive rubber based
Adhesion to steel 3 N/cm
Elongation at break 20 %
Tensile strength 40 N/cm
Temperature Resistance MIN -40 °C
Temperature resistance (3000h) 105 °C
Abrasion resistance (10mm mandrel) Class B (acc. to LV312)
Abrasion resistance (5mm mandrel) Class A (acc. to LV312)
Flame resistance as composite Class B (acc. to LV312)
Unwind force (roll width ≤ 9mm) 4.6 N/roll (30 m/min)
Unwind force (roll width > 9mm) 9 N/roll (30 m/min)
Noise damping (decibel) Class C (acc. to LV312)
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