Tesa 4970 – 225µm double sided white PVC film tape

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tesa® 4970 is a white double-sided mounting tape with exceptional bonding performance, used in various different industries, frequently used to fasten heavy signs and point-of-sale displays. The tackified acrylic adhesive features excellent adhesive performance, offering a reliable bond even on low energy surfaces and rough or slightly dirty substrates. The strong adhesive and PVC backing make the tape highly resistant to numerous factors, including plasticizers, humidity, aging, UV-light, and chemicals. tesa® 4970 offers a very high initial bond immediately after application and is ideal for various long-term mounting applications.

  • High adhesion and very good bonding strength, even to low surface energy materials
  • Immediate functionality of the laminated bond due to excellent initial tack
  • Light and age-resistant acrylic adhesive for long-term applications

Application Fields

tesa® 4970 has an excellent adhesive strength and is usable for a wide range of industrial mounting applications:

  • tesa® 4970 is the perfect solution for mounting of decorative POS materials and displays
  • Mounting of signs and scales
  • tesa® 4970 is ideal for the mounting of plastic or wooden trims
  • Bonding during assembly of moldings and trims in the furniture industry
Elongation at break 20 %
Type of liner glassine
Weight of liner 82 g/m²
Backing material PVC film
Type of adhesive tackified acrylic
Color of liner brown
Tensile strength 38 N/cm
Total thickness 225 µm
Thickness of liner 71 µm
Color white
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