Tesa 4302

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High performance paper masking tape up to 160 °C

Product Features

tesa® 4302 is a finely crêped and conformable paper masking tape, especially suitable for the highest requirements of automotive painting (water- or solvent based paints) followed by oven-drying.

Paints and critical filler systems exhibit excellent adhesion to the backing avoiding any kind of flaking.

tesa® 4302 can be removed from rubber, glass and paint without tearing or leaving adhesive residue. This is particularly remarkable for cold removal after high heat cycles.

Due to its finely crêped structure, this tape guarantees sharp-edge finishing.

Technical Data
Backing material slightly-creped paper
Total thickness 6.69 mils
Type of adhesive natural rubber
Adhesion to steel 20.87 oz/in
Elongation at break 10 %
Tensile strength 26.27 lbs/in
Temperature resistance 320 °F
Hand tearability ++
Easy to remove yes
Paint anchorage ++
Sharp color Edge +
Conformability +
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