Teroson SB A602B – brake bonding coating

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TEROSON SB A602B (known as TEROSON A602B) shoe dip has established a record of proven performance in protecting brake shoes from rust and improving the adhesion of lining segments to brake shoes. TEROSON SB A602B ( enhances the “flow”, or surface wetting ability, of the adhesive. It is one of the most widely used shoe dips in the brake bonding industry. TEROSON SB A602B is known by its translucent brown color.

Thermosetting, synthetic resin based solutions. These primers dry fast and cure to form hard, non-tacky, heat and abrasion resistant surfaces. These dips are primarily used to protect brake shoes from corrosion.


Shipping in concentrate form for greater economy to the customer

Improves “flow” or surface wetting ability of the adhesive used

Proven protection against rust


Corrosion resistant, protective metal coating

Brake shoe primer

Tacking friction material adhesive

Improving bond strengths of extra dense, hard to bond segment

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