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High tack hot melt with end-use temperature range

TECHNOMELT® Supra 400™ COOL provides the high tack, versatile adhesion characteristics and a broad end-use temperature range that customers expect from Henkel’s Supra line of premier hot melt technology. At a cool running temperature of 275°F, TECHNOMELT® Supra 400™ COOL provides the in-line and machining benefits of our industry-proven, low temperature technology.

TECHNOMELT® Supra 400™ COOL is the newest hot melt technology developed for packaging manufacturers. It unites two well-known Henkel packaging technologies, TECHNOMELT® COOL, recognized for its ability to run efficiently at low temperatures, and TECHNOMELT® Supra, known for its operational versatility, superb adhesion and considerable mileage benefit. TECHNOMELT® Supra 400™ COOL operates a full 100 degrees cooler than traditional packaging hot melts, improving safety and equipment life, in combination with all the performance associated with metallocene polymer technology.

Running Temperature 275ºF
Viscosity at Running Temperature -25ºF 1560 cps
Viscosity at Running Temperature -0ºF 990 cps
Viscosity at Running Temperature +25ºF 660 cps
Tack High
Set Speed 2 to 3 sec.
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