Technomelt Supra 100

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Carton sealing-packaging and tray forming hot melt 100°C

Technomelt Supra 100 is a very high quality case/carton sealing and tray forming hot melt. It features excellent heat stability. It is non-charring and has a low odor. It remains clear in the pot after prolonged periods at 350°F. All of the ingredients in Technomelt Supra 100 are approved under the Federal Regulation 21CFR 175.105 which relates to the incidental contact of adhesives with food.

Technomelt Supra 100 Cool is a cost-saving solution due to its very low application temperature of only 100°C. Besides the economical efficiency the reduced burn risk is another important safety aspect. Premium metallocene technology

Type of adhesive:

Hot Melt Adhesive

Field of application:


Typical technical data:

Viscosity: 700-1100cps.@350°F
Brookfield RVT Spindle 21
Color: White
Ring & Ball Softening Pt: 226°F +/- 10°F
Open Time: Medium
Set Time: Fast
Application Temperature: 325°F – 375°F

Handling and application:

To avoid accidental contamination, keep container covered as soon as sufficient hot melt has been removed for use.

Storage conditions:

Do not store in high temperatures.

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