Technomelt EM 4955 – Labeling Hot Melts for bottle

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Handles most can labeling best when materials are packed warm.


Semi-pressure-sensitive labeling adhesive

Specially designed for magazine-fed, cut-and-stack-labelers

Will handle most can labeling, especially when packed off warm

Technical data

Appearance: Tan color, solid material
Viscosity 3950 cPs @ 275°F 2300 cPs @ 300°F 1,500 cPs @ 325°F 975 cPs @ 350°F
Application Cut and Stack
Labels Paper
Containers Metal Cans, PET and Glass
Condition Designed for Magazine–Fed Labelers Tank: 300°F–325°F, Roller: 300°F–350°F
Running temp.: Pot: 300-350°F
Softening Point: Approx. 162°F
Applicator: 300-350°F


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