Technomelt Cool 500 – Hot Melt Adhesive for food packaging

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Low viscosity for application at 250°F to improve safety and reduce energy costs. Very low odor and volatiles which makes product well suited for use in food plants. Outstanding thermal stability to prevent char formation, reduce maintenance costs, and extend equipment service life. Excellent adhesion to difficult board stock including recycled and high performance liners. Excellent balance of heat resistance and cold adhesion. Fast setting for high speed applications. Meets composition requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21 CFR 175.105 “Adhesives”.

Technomelt 500™ Cool provides the proven safety, inline and end-use benefits our customers expect from the Technomelt Cool line of products, our largest selling line of packaging adhesives!


Suitable for all gear and piston pumps. Suitable for all standard electronic and pneumatic. Nozzles including zero cavity and reduced cavity. Suitable for wheel applicators and foamed hot melt systems.

Operating Temperature:
Target: 250°
Typical: 250°F to 280°F.


Appearance: Light colored solid
Solids: 100%
Viscosity: 1950 cps @ 225°F 1250 cps @ 250°F 775 cps @ 275°F 510 cps @ 300°F
Density: 8.0 pounds/gallon
Form: Pellets
Mettler Softening Point: 160°F / 71°C
Set Speed 1.5to 2 sec.
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