Pillarhouse Pilot – Selective Soldering – Handload

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Economical, compact, single point selective soldering system

The all-new ultra-low-cost Pilot machine has been designed as an entry-level, handload, benchtop machine for small to medium batch manufacturers, combining high levels of production flexibility with economic running costs.

Offered with two universal, quick change tooling carriers, each one can be exchanged to optimise cycle time. Each carrier is capable of handling a board size up to 330mm x 250mm.

The Pilot incorporates, as standard, our patented Drop-Jet fluxer for quick, accurate flux deposition. An optional bottom side IR pre-heat is also available; this is particularly useful when processing multi-layer PCBs or using water-based flux types.

Although a low-cost system, the Pilot is offered with the ability to run the acclaimed highly flexible Pillarhouse AP nozzle technology, together with our patented market-leading 1.5mm micronozzle. The process is enhanced by a localised hot Nitrogen environment at the point of soldering. An optional Nitrogen generator is built into the base of the unit and can be used to supply Nitrogen at the required levels, whilst acting as a machine stand.

Designed for low maintenance, the Pilot offers a slide in/out solder bath design for ease of access. This, in conjunction with our proven impellor driven pump technology, makes a highly reliable low maintenance system.

By carrying product over the flux, solder and optional pre-heat stations, the Pilot offers a light, highly accurate X, Y system.

Programming is accessed through the world leading Pillarhouse ‘Point and Click’ PillarCOMMXLITE software package. Optional offline programming is available via PillarPAD, which allows programs to be generated independently from the machine using Gerber data.

Standard Features

  • Machine mounted TFT monitor with integral PC
  • Inerted Nitrogen system
  • Titanium Drop-Jet fluxer
  • One AP style solder nozzle tip
  • Internal fume extraction
  • Manual Fiducial Correction System
  • Process Viewing Camera
  • Colour programming camera
  • Two universally adjustable tooling carriers
  • PillarPAD offline programming system
  • PillarCOMM LITE – Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface
  • Solder wave height measurement & correction
  • Lead-free compatible
  • Day-to-day service kit

System Options

  • Fume filtration system
  • Micro nozzle assembly
  • Multiple level password protection
  • Bottom-side preheater
  • Automatic solder feeder
  • Combined Nitrogen generator & machine stand


  • Height With monitor 1050mm / 42”,with cowling 750mm / 29” – without 695mm / 27”
  • Width: With flux bottles 1090mm / 43”- without 915mm / 36”with solder bath out 1380mm / 54”
  • Depth: 700mm / 28” to 963mm / 38” with keypad tray out
  • Weight: 170kg (table-top format)
  • Board size: 330mm x 250mm / 13″ x 10″
  • Edge clearance: Above / below 3mm
  • Height clearance: Above / below 40mm nominal
  • Solder: Most commonly used solder types – including lead-free
  • Solder pot capacity: 6kg
  • Applicators: AP style – 2.5mm to 16mm dia.Extended AP style – 2.5mm to 20mm dia.Micro nozzle – 1.5mm to 2.5mmJet-Tip style – 6mm to 20mm dia.Special dedicated nozzles available upon request
  • Flux: Low maintenance Drop-Jet system. Low solids (below 8%), no clean flux, pressurised and inerted system, optional water-soluble system available
  • X, Y & Z Axis resolution: 0.1mm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.05mm
  • Nitrogen usage: 30 litres gas/min. 5 bar pressure
  • Nitrogen purity: 99.99% or better
  • Power supplies: Single phase + PE
  • Voltage: 208V – 250V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 4kVA including bottom-side IR preheat
  • Transport: Hand load
  • Tooling: Integral adjustable board guides, includes finger extensions and board clamps
  • Programming: Windows® based PillarCOMM Lite ‘Point & Click’ interface
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