Nukote Urethane Polyurea Elastomeric member

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Nukote UPE is a single component water catalyzed urethane polyurea, liquid applied elastomeric waterproof base membrane. Special features: Non gassing, fast curing, seamless membrane, water catalyzed, applied at any thickness. Can add an aggregate of sand or rubber granules to repair base.


  • Non gassing
  • Fast curing
  • Seamless membrane
  • Water catalyzed
  • Applied at any thickness

Typical uses:

  • Parking decks
  • Pedestrian decks
  • Concrete/Plywood/Masonry/Metal surfaces
  • Under tile


Available color is Grey


19 Liter pail with 1 vial of catalyst


3.78 liters of Nukote UPE mixed with 0.95 liters of water will provide 355 µm of coverage over 2m². Plywood or uneven surfaces may require additional material to achieve the same thickness.


Before application, mix Nukote UPE using a mechanicak mixer (jiffy mixer) at slow speeds. Add the catalyst and mix thoroughly until a homogenous mixture is obtained. Use care not to allow the entrapment of air into the mixture. Mix Nukote UPE with water (water must be added) at a ratio of 0.95 liter of water to 3.78 liters of Nukote UPE. This yield 4.75 liters of membrane. This mixing ratio is parts Nukote UPE to 1 part of water (4:1).

Surface preparation:

Concrete repairs can be made prior to coating with sand or rubber slurry mixture of 1 part mixed Nukote UPE to 1 part clean sand or rubber. Light foot trafiic is allowed in approximately 2 hours depending on weather conditions. Nukote UPE can be thikened with rubber granules by no more than 10% by volume.


Concrete, metal and old plywood surfaces should be primed. For best results uses a squeegee or a notched trowel. A phenolic resin core roller may be used but extra care should be taken not to trap air, which may result in bubbles.

Apply Nukote UPE evenly over entire deck. Application should be continuous to ensure a smooth and even coat. Apply Nukote AU Prime II or EP Prime II to Nukote UPE surface which is more than 16 hours old to achieve the best intercoat adhesion.

An aggregate of 16-20 or 14-30 EPDM rubber granules may be broadcast into the Nukote UPE membrane at a rate of 0.5 kg per sq meters. The amount of rubber used will vary. A sand aggregate may also be used.

For sloping and concrete repairs use slurry of 1 part of Nukote UPE and 1 part of Sand or rubber to a maximum of 10% by volume for rubber granules.


Allow each coat to cure a minimum of2-4 hours before proceeding with subsequent coats. Light foot traffic may be allowed in approximately 2 hours depending on weather conditions.


Surfaces must be dry, clean and free from foreign matter. Keep unopened containers from freezing. Do not apply if tempratures are below 10°C or above 32°C. Surface may be slippery when wet. Nukote UPE is not UV stable and must have a topcoat applied. Nukote UPE may shrink. Nokote UPE is afast curing material and must be applied immediately after mixing with water. Containers that have been opened must be used as soon as possible. Not suitable for on grade, below grade and certain other similar applications. Please check with NCSI Technical service for more information.


This product contains Isocyanate and curatives.

TECHNICAL DATA (All values @25°C)
Solids by volume 76%
Volatile Organic Compounds 205 gm/lit
Theoretical coverage@ 355 µm 2m²/lit
Specific Gravity (kg/liter) 1.25
Viscosity at 25°C in cps (ASTM D 412) 2000±1000
Shelf life @ 25°C 06 months
Tensile strength (ASTM D 412) 7.58 MPa
Elongation (ASTM D 412) 500±50%
Hardness ASTM D 2240 70±5 Shore A
Tear strength (Die C ASTM 412) 36.8 KN/m
PROCESSING PROPERTIES (Under standard lab conditions
Mix Ratio V/V 1
Tack free time (DFT & Temperrature dependant) 2-4 hours
Post cure time 24 hours
The above properties and values are highly dependent on equipment, spray, gun, temperature, pressure and related parameters and slight variations are possible. The above values are as per NCSI Standard lad practices & methodology.
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