Molykote® Part Assembly Paste M-77

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Part assembly; running in; as a press-fitting lubricant where high temperature is a factor.

Special Characteristics

Wider and higher operating temperature range than organicoil based pastes; extreme loads; low speeds.

Physical Form

Black, soap thickened, silicone fluid based paste containing more than 60% MoS2.


Lubricating during running-in of gears, splines, journal bearings, cams; reducing torque in tightening threads and bolts; lubricating bearing shafts, O-rings, packings and seals, brake assemblies; press-fitting.

Temperature Range

Solids from -50 to 750°F (-45 to 399°C); base oil from -40 to 450°F (-40 to 232°C).


Not recommended for use in pressure lines.

Container Sizes

Cans, pails and drums.

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