Molykote P-37

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Ultrapure High Temperature Paste

Threaded connections where an ultrapure paste is needed.

Special Characteristics

Helps prevent seizure and damage of threaded connections during assembly and disassembly after extreme high-temperature exposure; nickel-free; does not contain any compounds that embrittle alloys.

Physical Form

Black, metal-free paste consisting of solid lubricants in ultrapure, sulfur-free synthetic oils.


Threaded connections, particularly those consisting of steel alloys with high chromium, nickel or molybdenum content (stainless steel); steam and gas turbine fasteners.

Temperature Range

Solids from -20 to 2550°F (-29 to 1400°C); base oil from -40 to 250°F (-40 to 121°C).

Container Sizes

Spray, cans and pails.

Molykote® P-37 Ultrapure High Temperature antiseize Paste

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