Molykote® G-2001 High Speed Bearing Grease

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Molykote® G-2001 High Speed Bearing Grease is a synthetic oil-based grease thickened by a lithium-calcium system. Molykote G -2001 Grease offers excellent low temperature performance. Molykote G -2001 Grease provides premium protection against wear and corrosion. The absence of solid lubricants makes Molykote G -2001 Grease well suited for small to medium sized rolling element bearings at high speeds. Operating over wide temperature ranges or with exposure to water; excellent water resistance, good low temperature properties and thermal stability, good corrosion inhibiting properties.

Molykote® G-2001 High Speed Bearing Grease appear beige color, polyalphaolefin (PAO) grease.

Applications: Spindles, fast moving positioners, medium to high speed plastic gears.

Color Beige
Dropping Point > 190 Deg C
Load Carrying Capacity = 1500 4 ball weld, N
NLGI Number = 2
Service Temperature High = 130 Deg C
Service Temperature Low = -50 Deg C
Specific Gravity @ 25C = 1
Thickening System Lithium-Calcium
Water Resistant
Worked Penetration 265 mm/10 to 295 mm/10
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