Molykote® G-0050FG White EP Bearing Grease

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Lubricating plain and rolling element bearings in equipment that requires a “clean” grease that may have incidental contact with food. Molykote® G-0050FG White EP Bearing Grease is a NLGI#0 version of Molykote G-0052 FG.

Special Characteristics: Acceptable under FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 for use in applications with possible incidental food contact and other applications operating under moderate to high loads and speeds.

Physical Form: White, aluminum complex thickened, mineral oil grease fortified with white lubricating solids. NLGI#0 version G-0052FG.

Applications: Grease-lubricated chains, bearings, cycloidal gears and other light to moderately loaded gears; lubricating food processing equipment, filling equipment, rotary kilns. Suitable for use in automatic dispensing systems.

Temperature Range: From -20 to 300°F (-30 to 150°C).

Listings/Specifications: H-1

Container Sizes: Cartridges, pails, kegs and drums.

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