Molykote D – General Purpose White Paste

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General Purpose paste for assembly and running equipment, especially where staining by black solids may be undesirable.

Special Characteristics

“Clean” white paste; handles very heavy loads; will not drip or run; almost invisible in thin films, excellent protection against fretting corrosion.

Physical Form

Mineral oil based paste containing white solid lubricants; contains no metals.


Lubricating pins, rails and guides of molding machines; lubricating live and dead ends on lathes; lubricating threaded connections, plain bearings, power screws, guides, tracks, office furniture, packaging equipment, precision instruments, paper handling machines.

Temperature Range

Solids from -15 to 480°F (-26 to 249°C); base oil from -40 to 250°F (-40 to 121°C).

Container Sizes

Cans, pails and drums.

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