Molykote® 41 Extreme High Temperature Bearing Grease

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Molykote® 41 Extreme High Temperature Bearing Grease is Phenyl-methyl silicone grease thickened with carbon black; lubricating ball bearings in high-temperature applications; Heat stable; resists oxidation, moisture, corrosive atmospheres; moderate loads and speeds.

Appearing with Black form, carbon black thickened silicone grease.

Applications: Lubricating high-temperature conveyor equipment, plywood drying ovens, industrial ovens and boilers, steam turbine controls, knife-type electric power disconnect switches; power insulator ball-and-socket connections.

Color Black
Dropping Point > 300 Deg C
Load Carrying Capacity = 1500 4 ball weld, N
NLGI Number = 2
Service Temperature High = 288 Deg C
Service Temperature Low = -18 Deg C
Shelf Life = 1800 Days
Specific Gravity @ 25C = 1.14
Thickening System Carbon Black
Worked Penetration = 280 mm/10
Packge Tupes, cartridges, cans, pails, drums

A lubricating grease is a semi-solid product of the dispersion of a thickening agent in a liquid lubricant. The lubricating grease operates by releasing the lubricating fluid from the thickening agent and provides a way to supply a lubricant where the use of oil is not practical.

Molykote® high performance greases are designed and tailored for use under extreme conditions like extreme pressure, harsh chemical environment, low and high temperatures and all speeds. Molykote greases are based on mineral oils or synthetic fluids including silicone oils. A number of Molykote greases contain special additives and/or solid lubricants like Molybdenium disulfide to provide effective lubrication.

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