Molykote® 3452 Chemical Resistant Valve Lubricant

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Lubricating valves and slow-moving components exposed to harsh chemicals and solvents. Molykote® 3452 Chemical Resistant Valve Lubricant is used to resists deterioration by chlorides, solvents, acids, lowpressure steam and condensate; wide temperature range; high loads; low speeds. Molykote® 3452 is white lubricant, fluorocarbon thickened, fluorosilicone fluid based grease.

Lubricating valves, mechanical seals and packings, rotary and reciprocating shafts, flexible ball joints.

Color White
Dropping Point > 300 Deg C
Load Carrying Capacity = 3923 4 ball weld, N
NLGI Number = 3
Oil Resistance
Service Temperature High = 232 Deg C
Service Temperature Low = -31 Deg C
Shelf Life = 1800 Days
Specific Gravity @ 25C = 1.5
Thickening System Fluorinated Polymers
Water Resistant
Worked Penetration = 270 mm/10
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