Mirka Deco Sander 70 x 198mm

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The Deco Sander telescopic sanding tool makes the sanding of walls and ceilings faster, more effective and dust-free. The package includes the sanding tool and a telescopic tube which extends up to 2.3 metres. The sanding tool is attached to the telescopic tube via a flexible joint which lets it adjust in any direction to sit flat against the sanding surface. The operator only needs to apply light pressure because the sanding tool is drawn towards the surface when sanding. Dust is removed through holes in the sanding tool directly to a vacuum cleaner which makes the job easier and quicker because time isn’t spent protecting the surroundings from dust contamination.

Mirka Deco Sander 70 x 198mm

Mirka Deco Sander 70 x 198mm - Application

Mirka is offering both electric and hand tools for wall sanding purposes. The tools are well designed and easy to use and have been developed to get the best possible result when sanding filler on walls and ceilings.

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