Metcal BVX-100 Series

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The BVX-100 Series Fume Extraction Systems are powerful, but low noise units that need no external ducting or compressor. Simply move these lightweight systems from station to station, plug them in and switch them on for instant fume extraction.

Just 279mm (11″) tall, with a 305mm x 229mm (12″ x 9″) plenum chamber, the units easily fit on any bench-top or, when space is at a premium, take advantage of the under-bench mounting bracket.

Rated at 85-Watts, the systems deliver high quality filtration without compromise. A powerful 85 m3/hr airflow rate provides immediate extraction of fumes, particles and vapors from operator breathing areas. When a larger capture range is needed, an innovative adaptor quickly transforms the plenum into an arm extraction system.

Two filtration configurations are available for heavy soldering and light dust applications, or light duty organic solvent and adhesive applications. A bi-colored LED light indicates when the filters are blocked and require replacing.

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