LOCTITE C 502 (solder wire)

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Known as Multicore C502 Cored Wire

MULTICORE Crystal 502 Flux Cored Wire solid fluxes / LOCTITE C 502 cored solder wire has been specially formulated to complement no clean wave and reflow soldering processes. LOCTITE C 502 is also well suited for soldering applications requiring high melting temperature alloys. It is available in several alloys:

Tin/Lead: Sn63, Sn60, Sn62, Lead Free: 97sc, (SAC305), 96sc (SAC387), 99c, 95A, 96S.

They are also applicable to repair operations carried out after a cleaning process, eliminating the need for further cleaning. Fast soldering – range of activities to suit all applications. Good spread on copper, brass and nickel. Clear residues. Heat stable – low spitting. Mild odour.

Technical Information

Applications Solder Wire
Agency Approvals / Specifications IPC/J-STD-004 Classification – ROM1
Alloy Option – Pb Free 97SC (SAC305), 96SC (SAC387), 99C (SnCu)
Alloy Option – SnPb Sn60, Sn63, Sn62
Key Characteristics Cleanability: No Clean
Physical Form Wire
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