Loctite 640 retaining compound 20g

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High strength, methacrylate ester-based retaining compound that is slow curing; ideal for large diameter components and active metals such as brass.

LOCTITE® 640 is a green, anaerobic, low viscosity, methacrylate ester-based retaining compound ideal for parts requiring a longer positioning time. Fixturing time on steel is 2h. Also used for active metals such as brass. This is a high strength product with good temperature resistance. Max. diametrical clearance is 0.1 mm and service temperature is -55 to +175ºC. Fluorescence allows product presence to be monitored.

Technical Data

  • Diametrical clearance: Up to 0.1 mm#
  • Tensile shear strength: 22 N/mm²
  • Service temperature range: -55°C to +175°C
  • Fixture time on steel: 2 h
  • Pack sizes: 50ml, 250ml, 2l
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