Loctite 495 Super Bonder Instant Adhesive 20g

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General purpose, low viscosity instant adhesive. Offers fast bonding on a wide range of materials.

LOCTITE® 495 is a transparent, colorless, low viscosity, general purpose ethyl-based instant adhesive offering fast bonding (5-20 secs fixture time). It is able to bond a wide range of materials, including plastics, rubbers and metals. It can also bond polyolefins when used in combination with Primer LOCTITE® SF 770 or LOCTITE® SF 7239. Available in 20 g, 50 g and 500 g pack sizes.

  • General purpose
  • Low viscosity
  • 10 – 20 secs. fixture time
  • colorless and transparent
Application Method Dispense System, Manual
Applications Bonding Plastic, Bonding Rubber, Repairing
Color Clear
Cure Type Moisture Cure
Fixture Time, Steel 5.0 sec.
Gap Fill 0.12 mm
Key Characteristics Fixture: Very Fast Fixture, General Purpose, Viscosity: Low Viscosity
Operating Temperature -40.0 – 120.0 °C (-40.0 – 250.0 °F )
Physical Form Liquid
Shear Strength, Mild Steel (grit blasted) 14.2 N/mm² (2060.0 psi )
Substrates Elastomer, Metal, Plastic, Porous Surface
Technology Cyanoacrylate
Viscosity 40.0 mPa·s (cP)
Loctite 495 Super Bonder Instant Adhesive 20g
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