Loctite 460 Prism Instant Adhesive 20g

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Loctite® 460™ Prism® Low odor, low bloom, low viscosity, alkoxyethyl-based instant adhesive. Particularly suitable for absorbent surfaces.

LOCTITE® 460 is a transparent, colorless, low viscosity, low odor, low blooming alkoxyethyl-based product which provides rapid bonding (5-20 secs.) of a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics and elastomers. It is particularly suitable for applications where vapor control is difficult and is well suited to bonding porous or absorbent materials.

  • Low bloom for cosmetic applications
  • Low odor for applications where vapor control is vital
  • Low viscosity
  • Well suited to porous substrates
Color Clear: Ultra Clear
Fixture Time, Steel 20.0 sec.
Gap Fill 0.12 mm
Key Characteristics Bloom: Low Bloom, Odor: Low Odor
Operating Temperature -40.0 – 80.0 °C (-40.0 – 175.0 °F )
Shear Strength, Mild Steel (grit blasted) 21.0 N/mm² (3050.0 psi )
Viscosity 40.0 mPa·s (cP)
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