CRC® Throttle Body & Air-Intake Cleaner

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Over time, carbon, varnish, and gum can naturally build up on a vehicle’s throttle body and throttle body bores. This can lead to an assortment of engine issues, including a loss in fuel economy, rough idling, stalling, or a glowing check engine light. CRC Throttle Body & Air-Intake Cleaner is the top choice for cleaning throttle body build-up. Safe for use in all fuel-injection system gasoline engines, whether throttle body, multi-port, or GDI, CRC Throttle Body & Air-Intake Cleaner is quick and easy to use, delivering easier starts and smoother performance.


Fuel injected gasoline engines (both throttle body & multi-port)

Complete Throttle Body Cleaning and Carbon Removal

CRC Throttle Body & Air-Intake Cleaner is a specially designed intake cleaner made for use in the shop or at home. Following a few simple steps, the throttle body will be ready for cleaning.

  1. With engine off, remove air intake duct to expose the throttle body. It may be necessary to remove the MAF sensor.
  2. Place a rag under the throttle body to collect runoff.
  3. Attach straw to spray button. Manually move butterfly valve back-and-forth while spraying; spray initially, stop and allow solvent to penetrate. Then spray again for maximum effect.
  4. Be sure to clean throttle linkages.
  5. Reassemble MAF, air intake duct, and filter.

Trust the makers of high-quality products like Brakleen to get your throttle body clean and your engine running smoothly. CRC Throttle Body and Air-Intake Cleaner is safe for use in fuel injection systems, including cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, and other recreational vehicles. CRC® knows parts cleaning!

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