CRC Aerostart – Starts Engines Instantly

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CRC Aerostart is a special formulation combining a number of ingredients, each designed to play a vital part in starting engines.

CRC Aerostart has powerful anti-corrosive and anti-knock qualities. The ingredients are carefully blended to ensure the correct type of initial starting in the combustion chamber and to promote immediate combustion.

Ideal for use in all diesel, petrol and kerosene engines in: Tractors, heavy equipment, power lawn mowers, inboard and outboard marine engines, chain saws, compressors, stationary engines.

Aerostart is clean, simple and safe to use. Simply direct some of the spray at the air intake whilst the engine is being turned. Aerostart, being a technically developed and balanced formulation, is therefore, vastly superior to competitive products.

Features & Benefits

  • CRC Aerostart works immediately – One spray and all engines start at once
  • Saves starter motor wear
  • Saves battery wear
  • Saves engine wear
  • Saves time and money
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