Avery 4000 Flexible Substrate

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Avery Dennison 4000 Flexible Substrate is a unique product, that can be decorated with Avery Dennison 4000 Translucent Films, a translucent pressure sensitive film, which when applied to Avery Dennison 4000 Flexible Substrate, provides excellent performance for external backlit signs, awnings or billboards.

Get the best performance on external backlit signs, awnings or billboards by applying your Avery Dennison® 4500 Translucent Films onto a substrate especially designed for them.


  • Durability: 7 years
  • White, translucent colour which completely diffuses the reinforcing scrim.
  • Decoration with Avery Dennison 4500 Translucent Films gives excellent visual and durability results.
  • Wide seamless substrate, through which seam shadows do not interfere with the sign design.
  • Guarantees the optimum bond of self-adhesive films
  • Minimizes plasticizer migration
  • Resistance to discoloration and weathering. Increases UV resistance.
  • Resistance to fungus and wicking: Reduces microbial growth.

Recommendations for use

  • Backlit signs
  • Awnings
  • Billboards

Avery Dennison 4000 Flexible Substrate

  • Can be cleaned in case of stains with a mild non-ionic detergent
  • Is made with a polyester fabric. It is recommended to stretch the face in the sign frame in the length direction first and then complete tensioning in the width direction or machine direction
  • Is heat sealable and RF weldable
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