ARALDITE 64-1 – Brake and Clutch Bonding

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Araldite® 64-1 is a solution of a vinyl modified phenolic resin, designed specially for application as a friction lining adhesive. Araldite® 64-1 may be used with Araldite® 70 primer. Araldite® 64-1 is suitable to bond most types of materials and has been in use for many years.

Key properties

Vinyl-phenolic basis

Suitable for use as an adhesive or dilution to primer viscosity

Can be applied by roller coater or spraying

Dark brown/black when cured

Formerly known as Redux 64-1

Typical product data

Property Typical Data
Appearance Clear brown liquid
Viscosity at 25 ºC 1.5 – 3.0 Pas
Solids Content (160 ºC) 39 – 44%
Primary solvents Ethanol/Toluene
Specific Gravity ca 1.00
Flash point < 18 ºC
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