ARALDITE® 2014-2 – Two-component Epoxy adhesive

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Create reliable bonds, even under harsh conditions and high temperatures.

ARALDITE® 2014-2 adhesive offers straightforward processability combined with high chemical and temperature resistance. Curing at room temperature, this adhesive enables a reliable and long-lasting bond with resistance to hydraulic oils and temperatures up to 140°C.

The cartridge format makes it easy to use in confined spaces and the low shrinkage rate allows for tight tolerances. This versatile adhesive is suited for a variety of applications including bonding filter media, electronic fuse assembly, and bonding composite pipes for marine settings.

Product Benefits

  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Temperature resistant
  • KIWA approval (drinking water)

Application Areas

  • Bonding of filter media to end cap
  • Assembly of electronic fuses
  • Bonding of composite pipes in marine
  • Potting of connectors
  • Bonding of railway insulation rods
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