Aquence EPIX BC 900F Water-based Barrier Coating for paper packaging

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Aquence EPIX BC 900F is a water-based emulsion, barrier coating for paper materials. A water & grease barrier solution for paper packaging, single-use food packaging: wrapping paper, containers and bags.

  • PE-replacement. Wax/silicone replacement. FC-replacement.
  • Re-pulpable.
  • High flexibility of dry film (excellent folding properties)
  • Good heat seal properties
  • Low blocking
  • Low viscosity at high shear
  • Better compatibility with printed surface than plastic film

Creative Engineeing imported Aquence EPIX BC 900F to solve the disadvantages of traditional single-use food packaging such as: more waste, difficult to recycle, do not fit with the megatrends of reducing packaging waste…

New EPIX Technology is sustainable packaging materials, expands paper functionality and improves performance while maintaining the sustainability and recyclability of the package. This solutions comply with the food contact legislations internationally and help lower the environmental impact of various forms of packaging.


  • Excellent water resistance;
    • Cobb1800s: < 10g/m²
    • Boiling water Cobb 1800s: < 10g/m²
  • Excellent grease resistance; [*] KIT 12 (Tappi)
  • Water repelent; Contact angle(water) 90°C
  • Non blocking & Low friction surface

[*] 100g paper, Coating weight: 5-7g/m²


Appearance Milky white emulsion
Main component Styrene Acrylic copolymer emulsion
Solid content (%) Approximately 45
Viscosity (mPas/30Celsius) < 500
pH 7.5 - 8.5


  • Use over 5Celsius.
  • Please mix uniformly before use.
  • Avoid freezing and seal tightly after use.
  • Rotate stock – first in, first out.
  • Don’t mix other adhesives.


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