Abranet® – The Dust-Free Net Abrasive

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For all drywall sanders and sanding tools
Mirka Abranet® Dust-Free Power

We’re in a new age in time where any sander needs some sort of solution to keep the environment dust-free. Through Mirka’s journey that began over 20 years ago, we’ve developed Abranet, the quick and efficient solution to supercharge your business to the next level.

Abranet fits on all drywall sanders and sanding tools. Our abrasive attaches to your Mirka tool and sander backing pad to help reduce exposure to harmful sanding dust that can affect the health of your employees. The benefits of dust-free sanding aren’t just improved health and reduced risks, but also improved bottom-line results of your work.

Evolved to Make Sanding Better

Take your business where your customers expect you to be – top level quality that leaves them with a peace of mind, not a dusty health hazard. We all know that the most dangerous dust particles are the ones we cannot see. Mirka’s net abrasive solution is 99.97% effective at removing dust particles that are smaller than 0.3cm in size.

Businesses thrive when employees are happy and healthy and the customer sees that a company truly cares about safety and efficiency.

What Is Abranet and How Is It Different?

Abranet is highly resistant to dust, which helps ensure optimal usage for every type of sanding work. When combined with our ergonomic and efficient power tools and dust extractors, you’re guaranteed a dust-free surface, everytime. The Abranet is multifunctional, developed for sanding fillers, primers, lacquers, composite materials and a wide range of other materials for industrial application use.

When sanding, you can guarantee there will be dust around, and this is something we take very seriously because we know how expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous dust can be. By using on-tool dust extraction and pad, dust can be safely removed from the working surface without it ending up in the air, on your skin, in your lungs or on furniture.

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