NUKOTE Premera® Product Line Expanded

 Nukote Coating Systems formally expands its Premera line of anti-corrosion products to include: Next generation Nano quartz coatings, Nano quartz primers and steel surface treatments.  The addition of these cutting-edge products represents the culmination of several years of product development and trials.

NUKOTE PREMERA product line expanded

NUKOTE PREMERA product line expanded

Premera® Nano coating products line allows for very thin film applications @ 2 mil/50 microns providing long term durable, abrasion and chemical resistant solutions for all substrates.

Premera® Nano primer products allow for bonding to virtually any substrate including; glass, stainless steel, brass, rubbers and other complex surfaces.

Premera® steel surface treatment products allow for abrasive or water blasting of all surfaces weeks and even months ahead of priming or coating applications. Contractors can now prepare all substrates completely and avoid reworking surfaces or contaminating coating works through use of these products. Once prepared the substrates are allowed to oxidize, a simple single component cleaner and single component rinse is applied to areas just prior to priming and coating, which removes all oxidation at the molecular level regardless of elapsed time after surface preparation.

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