Car, motorbikes and bikes manufacturing has grown drastically in Vietnam these recent years. With that comes the increase in the demand for adhesives and sealants used by factories in the heavy industry. In this article, we introduce to you Monarch’s Brake Bonding 64-1.

Key properties

   –  Vinyl-phenolic basis

   –  Suitable for use as an adhesive or dilution to primer viscosity

   –  Can be applied by roller coater or spraying

   –  Dark brown/black when cured


Monarch 64-1 is a solution of a vinyl modified phenolic resin, designed specially for application as a friction lining adhesive. Monarch 64-1 may be used with Monarch 70 primer. Monarch 64-1 is suitable to bond most types of materials and has been in use for many years.

   –  Appearance: Clear brown liquid

   – Viscosity at 25 ºC: 1.5 – 3.0 Pas

   –  Solids Content (160 ºC): 39 – 44%

   –  Primary solvents: Ethanol/Toluene

   –  Specific Gravity: ca 1.00

   –  Flash point: < 18 ºC

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