Molykote Lubricants: Smoothen your drive, smoothen your life

MOLYKOTE, a brand of Dow Company, are specialized in lubricants designed and engineered to solve difficult lubrication-related problems and save energy by reducing friction and wear.

Molykote Products for Automotive & Transportation

Molykote Products for Automotive & Transportation

As the official distributor of Molykote in Vietnam and Asia, Creative Engineering supplies lubricant pastes, oils and greases for a wide range of applications including:

   1.  Engine syste

   –  Anti-friction coatings on engine parts (piston skirts and rings, fasteners) and metallic gasket

   –  Greases for start-stop motors, starter motor overrunning clutches, gears and bearings

   –  Anti-seize pastes for assembly fasteners and inaccessible parts

   –  Lubrication of transmission and ball joints to reduce driveline friction and wear

   2.  Friction control

   –  Fuel economy by reducing engine friction losses that can rob engine power and increase gas consumption

   –  Driving comfort by reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)

   –  Performance by providing durable, long-term lubrication

   –  Reliability by keeping inaccessible components working as designed and withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh operating conditions

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   3.  Anti-Friction Coatings for service-life lubricatio

   –  Clean, long-lasting dry-film lubrication minimizes replacement and service costs

   –  Excellent anti-squeak performance

   –  Low coefficient of friction for enhanced aesthetics and reliability

   –  Options for plastic/plastic, metal/plastic, paint/leather, plastic/leather, leather/leather interfaces

   –  Use where oils or greases cannot be used for technical reasons or risk of soiling.

   4.  Interior NVH control with MOLYKOTE™ Specialty PAO Lubricants

   –  A long history of high performance in challenging applications worldwide

   –  Noise-damping capabilities enhance interior comfort

   –  Lubrication capabilities reduce friction and wear on metal/plastic and plastic/plastic interfaces

   –  Durable performance across a wide temperature range

   –  Low bleed, low evaporation, good corrosion resistance

   –  Ideal for use on seating guide tracks, steering components, small motors, window regulators.

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Creative Engineering, with the vision of offering the most creative, innovative solutions for manufacturers, recommends lubricants from Molykote to smoothen your drive, smoothen your life.

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