MIRKA Pneumatic Random Orbital Sanders – for a Dust-free environment!

A clean working environment is the desire of both employees and business owners. The dust-free environment does not affect workers’ health, helps to increase productivity, minimizes risks and increases business reliability.

Mirka offers the best sanding solutions on the market, ensuring a clean and civilized working environment. In this article, Creative Engineering will share with you Mirka’s very effective and durable pneumatic sanding machine, with 2 product lines: PROS and ROS.


Mirka’s steam-powered pneumatic sanding machine, designed by Mirka’s top design team has excellent outstanding features and pays attention to every detail to create an effective sanding device for its users. Mirka PROS and ROS sanding machines are specially designed for maximum dust removal, even in low dust extraction conditions, thanks to a wider dust escape in the housing that greatly improves dust collection performance.

Innovative features continue with a designed “Break Seal” that helps bring a range of valuable performance benefits. For example, contrary to traditional random orbital sanding machines, brake pads on pneumatic sanders act as oscillating base pads instead of freely rotating when holding the machine in air. This minimizes the possibility of deep cuts on the surface when a fast rotating disc touches the part to be grinded. Besides, as soon as the machine leaves the grinding surface, the brake pad will immediately stop the rotation speed of the base plate. Long-life brake gaskets also contribute to improved dust escape by minimizing internal suction discharge.


    Mirka ROS650DB vacuum sanding machine

Mirka ROS 650DB sanding machine 150mm Dust Bag Orbit 5.0. Random orbital sanding machine – MIRKA® ROS 650DB (Self-vacuuming) is developed by Mirka’s industry leading design team to maximize dust extraction, even at low suction, thanks to a wider dust outlet in factories which significantly improves dust collection efficiency.

    Mirka PROS650CV dust collector

The Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander – MIRKA® PROS 650CV (Central Vacuum) is developed in-house by the Mirka’s industry leading design team. It is packed with clever features and attention to detail which has created an efficient and effective sanding tool that is perfect for professional operators. MIRKA® PROS 650CV has a five millimetre orbit and has been specially developed to produce maximum dust extraction, even at low suction power, thanks to a wider dust suction outlet in the machine housing which substantially improves dust suction efficiency.

Creative Engineering is a distributor of Mirka’s sanding papers, sanding machines and polishing solutions in Vietnam and Asia. Contact us if you want a clean, clean working environment!

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