Mark Andy printing machine and tesa tape – The Perfect Duo

The high demand for quality printing combined with the high efficiency of the production process necessitates customized adhesive tapes to meet specific customer needs.

tesa’s tesa Softprint® range of products are in accordance with a variety of flexo printers that meet all your printing needs. When combined with Mark Andy’s Flexo printer, the end result will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


 1. tesa Softprint product

                    Tesa softprint Assortment for The Flexographic Industry

   2. Mark Andy’s Flexo Printer

Mark Andy 2200 is the standard in the printer generation. With such technologies such advanced tensile management, self-aligning banding and perfect drying systems, the Mark Andy 2200 is one of the most versatile and flexible machines on the market today. From the more basic 2200L to 2200XL models, this version offers maximum flexibility and flexibility to support any business expansion.

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                       Mark Andy 2200 8 Colour FLexo Label Press

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