Main Uses of General Purpose (GP) Liquid Lanolin

Rust is one thing you don’t need in your life. It makes your tools hard to use and damages expensive equipment. Furthermore, some people worry that rust may affect their health:

You should always stay one step ahead. One way to do this is by applying liquid lanolin on moving metal parts or existing rust. At Lanotec, our new GP Liquid Lanolin is accredited with the Prestigious Global Green Tag. This award is a certification that we have among the world’s best eco products. Our respect for sustainability reinforces that our lanolin products are natural and toxic-free

Have a look at its ingredients below:

Petroleum (Naptha)30-60%

Our lanolin is used in many sectors, such as:

  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Transport and automotive

Liquid lanolin is rapidly gaining in popularity, especially among mariners:

This review shows why companies love to use our GP liquid lanolin:

Several of Lanotec products used, such as Lanolin Spray, Lanotec Grease and the new insect repellant, are being tested on many of Brisbane Water Sewerage Treatment Plants. To date, these products have been very useful in the rust prevention area and, depending on the product application, a very good corrosion inhibitor.

GP Liquid Lanolin is everyone’s dream come true. As proof of this, here are some of its extravagant benefits.

Benefits of GP Liquid Lanolin

As an award-winning lanolin manufacturing company, Lanotec aims to meet your needs. We ensure our new liquid lanolin surpasses your expectations by guaranteeing these benefits.

Approved Lubricant

Our liquid lanolin is the best on the market because we go above and beyond to ensure that we provide high-quality. Our lanolin is HACCP, NZFSA and Halal approved, making it a food-grade lubricant too. Our liquid lanolin also tops the charts because it’s non-carcinogenic. Thus, it provides a healthier alternative to petrochemical-based products.

Tough and Durable 

GP liquid lanolin has a tough formula to protect your equipment in harsh settings. As tested in Australian environments, it yields the best results in preventing rust. The ingredients in our GP Liquid Lanolin can withstand water in marine oil rigs and mine shafts. So, the protection of your electrical equipment, high-speed and load-bearing chains is guaranteed.

For you, this translates to efficient costs and an eco-friendly worksite.

Increased Performance

Does your machine operate in or around water? You shouldn’t have to worry about rust when you’re on the job. Our new GP Liquid Lanolin takes care of your equipment. As a long-lasting lubricant, it efficiently lubricates all moving parts in highly corrosive environments. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used your tools for years. The versatility of our lanolin makes it safe to use in a variety of sectors, including transport. For example, it’s highly effective at preventing oxidation for containerised shipping. Our product aims to keep moving parts dry, rust-free and looking like new. You can spray it on moving parts as an anti-seize to prevent corrosion of hinges and chains. 

How to Use GP Liquid Lanolin

Experience the all-round protection of Lanotec Liquid Lanolin by using it the right way. All you need to do is apply it neatly to the surface using a spray bottle. 

If you think you need to re-apply it, test the surface first by spraying some water on the treated area. If the water beads up, then the surface is still protected. If not, you should apply a second layer. Watch this video to see how GP Liquid Lanolin is used on dry steel:

Tip: Store your tools in a cool dry place to prevent rust after applying the liquid lanolin.

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