Love Elevators with Mirrors? tesa got you covered!

Mirror mounting in elevators, furniture, bathrooms, interiors has never been faster and easier than with ‘s double-sided adhesive tape solutions.

Fast and Easy Mounting of Mirrors

Mirrors are a key design element in many places, for example, hotel interiors, bathrooms, elevators, and furniture in homes. The materials mirrors are bonded to vary as frequently as the backside of the mirror itself. Quick and permanent installation of the mirror is a prerequisite for safe mirror mounting with adhesive tapes. A trusted, established double-sided tape is therefore the key to reliable mirror mounting. tesa tapes have been used for mirror mounting for more than 20 years.



tesa’s Mirror Mounting Selections:

tesa® 4952 is a double sided PE foam tape for constructive mounting applications. It consists of a highly conformable PE foam backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. tesa® 4952 has been externally certified for furniture mirror mounting.

  • tesa 62510
  • tesa 62932
  • tesa 62934


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