LOCTITE Dual-Cure Adhesives enables Camera Module Success

The camera module industry is the focus of much attention, as the addition of camera features into mobile devices — and now into the automotive segment — is driving manufacturers to develop camera technologies that capitalize on this sector’s growth.

The more advanced the camera modules become, particularly as pixels and lens quantity increase, a different technique called ‘Active Alignment’ is employed, which requires dual-cure adhesives with UV and thermal cure capabilities to bond the lens holder to the substrate.

Material used in ADAS Surround Cameras

As the market leader in semiconductor packaging and electronics assembly materials, Henkel has in-depth expertise and a broad market portfolio to address the requirements of current and future camera module demands. Furthermore, with an unmatched global manufacturing footprint and local support, Henkel is unparalleled when it comes to camera module success.

Suggested products for Camera Module from Henkel:

   –  Die Attach: Loctite Ablestik ABP 2040LV

   –  Underfill: Loctite Eccobond FP4531

   –  Thermal Cure: Loctite 3128/3129 + Loctite Ablestik NCA 2350/ NCA 2360

   –  UV Cure: Loctite 3603 (190024) + Loctite Eccobond LS 3106P

   –  ECA: Loctite Ablestik ABP 20415/ ABP 20325 + Loctite Ablestik XCE 3111

Creative Engineering has been the official distributor of Henkel’s for the last 20 years in Vietnam and Asia. Contact us now for further enquiries to fulfill your camera module demands!


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