LOCTITE Conformal Coating – Solutions for PCBs

The need for smaller, finer-pitch devices and the move to high volume manufacturing have necessitated the need for better insulation and increased performance between components on the printed circuit board (PCB).

This means faster curing, easier dispensing and higher reliability.

Historically, The use of PCB protection was only used in industries such as aerospace; however, other electronics industry market sectors including automotive and consumer have integrated PCB protection to deliver improved reliability, for waterproofing, to safeguard brand image and IP, or to gain a competitive advantage.

Henkel’s advanced LOCTITE brand of conformal coating materials protect PCBs and advanced substrates from thermal shock, moisture, corrosive liquids and other adverse environmental conditions. Shielding electronic function from external influences ensures long product life cycles for harsh marine, automotive, medical and consumer electronics applications. With exceptionally fast cure capability and 100% solvent-free formulations,

Henkel’s conformal coatings provide fast processing and are environmentally responsible.

What Henkel produces, Creative Engineering supplies.

Conformal Coating in Action

What Henkel’s conformal coating solutions look like in a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Smart Meter

Creative Engineering has been Henkel’s distributor in Vietnam and Asia for 20 years. Contact us now for further greater solutions for your business!

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