Westlake is Creative Engineering’s newest partner. Westlake delivers life-enhancing products, applicable from food packaging industry that we use daily like bread bags, cheese wrapping and milk cartons, to more big-scale areas like delivering clean drinking water and irrigating fields. 


Westlake’s products makes the world a greener place, every day. 


Starting from late 2020, Creative Engineering has officially become Westlake’s partner in three fields: Home Appliances, Healthcare & Automotive. 


With all industries, we provide PVC blendings – the key product & application from Westlake. 


Automotive Interior – Injected Parts


Injected parts are a wide range of products that present as a common characteristic complex shapes. The parts are produced by filling an injection mold with hot and deformable material. 

Westlake provides PVC coumpounds designed for this kind of transformation with low melt viscosities and high resistance to thermal degradation. 

Final parts which are primarily used in automotive interior are characterized by low levels of VOC, good abrasion resistance and excellent durability.



Westlake is your trusted and reliable chemical and raw material partner, a biomedical innovative vinyls blends Leader.

Westlake’s portfolio includes standard biomedical formulas and innovative blends. They may also provide tailor-made solutions

for final markets quality and regulatory compliance. 

We provide:

   –  Renal Therapies: Extrusions, injection molding, blow molding, peristaltic pumps, blood line, blood bags,



   –  Respiratory Therapies: Oxygen mask, spiral tubing, connectors, filter case, fittings

   –  Infusion & Perfusion



Home appliances 

   –  Gasket for refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines. 

Why you should choose Westlake? 


   –  Local Manufacturing and Services 

   –  Sustainable business direction with full certificates to use in Vietnam 

   –  R&D Department is based in Vietnam, therefore products are catered to demands of clients, and could be customised to clients’ needs. 


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