Henkel’s Temperature Stable Solder Paste – A game changing formulation

It’s of common sense to be skeptical of the normal solder paste ability to remain exceptional performance throughout the logistics and operations chains. But with Henkel’s room temperature solder paste Loctite GC 10 with its superior capabilities, it seems that this problem can be “kicked out” of your concern list.

“Truly, this is the most exciting thing that’s happened in solder materials development in decades,” says Dr. Mark Currie, Henkel Global Product Manager for Solder Materials. “A material that has temperature stability from shipping all the way through to final assembly is a remarkable achievement.”

There are numerous factors proving Loctite GC 10’s significant improvements over conventional solder paste materials. Here’s how:

Room temperature solder paste vs. normal one

Room temperature solder paste vs. normal one

Not only will manufacturers realize process improvements and cost reductions due to Loctite GC 10’s unmatched performance, but will also experience resolution to long-standing logistics and storage challenges. The temperature stability of the product eliminates the requirement for cold packing, overnight shipping and refrigerated storage. Packaging and shipping costs are reduced and energy consumption within the factory is decreased.

Trusted by a great number of big manufacturing corporations, Creative Engineering is a reliable distributor of this game changing, high-performance solder materials.

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