Henkel’s Medical Device Adhesives

Did you know that Henkel Loctite Adhesives are applied in a great variety of industries, including Electronics, Automotive, Packaging, Construction, Furniture & Building, Label & Graphics. Today, we will elaborate on Henkel’s application for Medical Industry.

Safety First 

Henkel’s adhesive solutions meet the specific process requirements and biocompatibility for each type of device manufactured.

Flexible Medical Device Adhesives

Explore Henkel’s Adhesive Types that can be used in many different applications for medical device manufacturing.

These one-part adhesives fixture in seconds at room temperature and are particularly suited for joining dissimilar substrates in almost any combination. They provide design advantages, speed assembly time, and increase production efficiency and quality.

LOCTITE®’s high-performance structural adhesives provide high peel and shear strength on a wide variety of plastics, metals and glass. When cured, these thermoset plastics offer superior thermal and chemical resistance, as well as high cohesive strength and minimal shrinkage.

Henkel offers a complete line of dispensing, curing and process monitoring equipment designed specifically for use with our medical device adhesives.

As a manufacturer of the adhesive, dispensing and curing equipment, we understand the chemistry and the process needed to dispense and cure our products properly, so you can be assured of the highest quality, most cost-effective assembly with maximum bond strength and cure speeds.


You’ll find LOCTITE® flexible medical device adhesives in a wide range of medical devices including:

1. Needless and Syringes

The three most commonly used adhesive chemistries for needle manufacturing are: Light Cure Acrylics, Light Cure Cyanoacrylates and One-Part Heat Cure Epoxies.

2. Catheters

These adhesives are used to assemble the most challenging applications such as balloon to multi-lumen tubing, strain relief or transition of balloon to tube, drug-eluting stents and marker band bonding. 

Whether you are producing large fluid storage reservoirs or small high-performance fluid monitoring devices, LOCTITE® medical device adhesives provide structural bonds with superior gap filling and reliable sealing in combination with increased productivity.

Imaging Equipment

Henkel has extensive experience working closely with medical imaging equipment manufacturers. Henkel’s broad portfolio of high-performance solutions aligns with the many challenges faced: thermal resistance, thermal management, dissimilar substrates and robust strength requirements

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