With significant improvements in waterproof durability, consumer demands for more features in shrinking dimensions increased incrementally. While reaching true waterproof status for the entire mobile phone is a tall order that requires tremendous progress, Henkel, as the leading provider of adhesive solutions for camera module assembly, has developed a full suite of materials that enable advanced camera module technology – from lens bonding to attachment of the lens holder to the substrate to voice coil motor bonding and everything in between.


Loctite’s waterproof sealant for camera module in mobile phones

LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P is an optically clear adhesive that effectively seals all of the lenses within a lens house bonding for both auto-focus and fixed focus lenses, protecting the optical components against damage from water.

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The new adhesive has a low thixotropic index, making it ideal for filling the small gaps present in a lens assembly. This material characteristic allows LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P to flow easily without added pressure and provides excellent coverage for complete self-sealing. What’s more, the thixotropic index of LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P shows very little change over time with similar performance at 30 days and 90 days. A long pot life allows manufacturers to minimize waste, as the adhesive can cope with continuous use for up to 60 days with no material degradation.

In addition to these benefits, LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P has exceptionally low weight loss, indicating minimal outgassing for robust performance. The lens module’s operation is dependent upon the optical lenses, so any outgassing during the cure process could fog the lens and affect the performance of the camera. Henkel’s waterproof sealant remains stable during UV curing without any outgassing, ensuring predictable lens operation. LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P also exhibits very low shrinkage, which is critical for fragile, thin lenses and alignment accuracy as shrinking of the material post-cure can result in shifting alignment or impaired lenses.

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With no change in linear shrinkage post-cure, LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P protects against lens misalignment and/or damage. While all of these material properties are critically important, LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P’s primary function is waterproofing and here, too, the adhesive delivers. In waterproof simulation testing, LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P survived complete water submergence. The test vehicle was sealed with the adhesive and submerged in water for 24 hours at room temperature, following which it was exposed to an 85°C/ 80% relative humidity (RH) environment. The material showed no water leakage or swelling following the 24 hour submergence or the 85° C/85% RH exposure.

Henkel’s LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P is one of many elements required for the waterproofed smartphones and wearables of the modern era. With success already proven with newer-generation devices, LOCTITE ECCOBOND LS 3106P is helping to facilitate the future of mobile durability.

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