EPIX® Water-based barrier coating for paper packaging

Plastic, silicone or wax lamination solutions are used commonly in paper packaging to prevent external influences such as water, grease, moisture, mold, dirt, yellowing… which can no longer meet the requirements and change change in the food packaging industry.

In convenience food packaging: wrappers, containers, and bags… the demand for increased functionality is on the rise as well as social and environmental responsibility requirements. Consumers want their packages that can maintain temperature, preserve taste and flavor of food, without moisture leakage, tearing or water/oil seepage… while on the move.

Traditional single-use food packaging is preventing moisture and grease by laminating plastic films, silicone or wax. However, they create more waste, are difficult to recycle, and do not fit with the megatrends of reducing packaging waste.

In addition to improving quality, to fit the requirements of social and environmental responsibility, global brand like tesa have launched environmentally friendly tapes, and Henkel with the EPIX barrier coating – the packaging water-based emulsion adhesives

EPIX® Barrier Coatings

EPIX® paper barrier coating technology is Henkel solutions for single-use food packaging: wrappers, containers, and bags… to supplant lamination. It’s coated on paper and forms a barrier layer which has the ability to preserve food inside, increase the durability of packaging. EPIX® paper barrier products deliver:

  • Water repellent
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Water resistance
  • Grease resistance
  • Appearance excellent
  • Biodegradability and Recyclability

Some of the primary concerns for paper packaging manufacturers are water and grease resistance. Preventing water and water vapor from damaging the structural makeup of paper wrappers and containers is the key function for EPIX® paper barrier coatings. Along with water, grease is the next concern. EPIX® paper barrier coatings are designed to prevent seeping of oils and greases through food wrappers and containers.

Our product portfolio is designed to improve the grease and water resistance performance of paper wrappings and containers without adding layers and impacting the ability to achieve circular economy targets. They offer barrier protection against moisture during shipment and can keep grease and oil away from your valuable items.

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