Dow Corning® EA-4600 LV Hot Melt Silicone Adhesive – Solution for Speed Assembly

Dow Corning® EA-4600 LV HM RTV Translucent Adhesive is designed to speed assembly of products without compromising their performance. Dispensed at elevated temperatures as a low viscosity material, it quickly achieves green strength within minutes to allow assembly operations to continue. This advanced material delivers primerless adhesion to most common substrates, including plastics, metals and silicone elastomers.

Dow Corning® brand Silicone Hot Melt Adhesives are uniquely designed to achieve instant green strength when dispensed for more efficient assembly of electronic components and modules.

Dow Corning EA-4600 LV HM RTV Translucent Adhesive offers:

   –  Instant green strength
   –  Primerless adhesion to most common substrates, including plastics, metals and silicones

   –  Good dispensability using standard hot melt dispensers, including jet dispensing applicators

   –  Easy removal and re-application within 24 hours

   –  Long open time and pot life

   –  Narrow beading

   –  Lower total cost of ownership than double-sided tape

Hot Melt Assembly Concept

 Typical Applications

   –  Smartphones and accessories

   –  Tablets, PCs and laptops

   –  Wearable devices

   – Portable electronic accessories

Potential Uses

   –  Waterproof bonding and sealing

   –  Excellent bonding on silicone substrates

   –  Reliable bonding in harsh environments

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