Dow Corning ® 791 weather-resistant Silicone Sealant for Construction industry

Are you in need of an optimal silicone sealant for the construction industry? Are you looking for genuine products from Dow to make your work -lasting?

 Today’s market offers a massive numbers of Adhesives & Sealants for the construction industry to increase the certainty and durability of the project. For the installation of aluminum and glass doors, it would be impossible to not mention the silicone adhesive glass fittings.

Dow Corning ® 791 silicone sealant is an advanced weather-resistant product, specially made for general glass works to protect glass walls and glass surfaces of high-rise buildings. before the changes of the weather.

Advantages of Dow Corning ® 791

   –  Very good adhesion to all types of ingredients without using primer.

   –  A strong adhesive suitable for expansion joints and creating highly elastic joints.

   –  Especially, this glue does not wear away steel and zinc.

   –  Dow Corning ® 791 can withstand all elements of the weather, not affected by rainy weather.

   –  Easy to use and can be used immediately.

   –  Good rheology and less spinning when pumping

   –  Products meet international standards.

   –  Good elastic elastomeric glue is also a good heat resistant silicone sealant.


Application of silicone paste:

   –  Plastic sealant is used to paste materials, glue used in the field of construction is extremely much, in the installation of plastic doors or plastic ceiling.

   –  Can use plastic sealant to attach details such as skylights and billboards or water systems.

   –  This type of silicone adhesive when dry will bond and create very high adhesion.


Heat resistant silicone sealant

   –  This type of sealant is used to bond and can withstand high temperatures such as pipelines and components for air control, insulation and insulation equipment.

   –  Heat-resistant silicone sealant is used in industrial furnaces or boilers, chimney filters, sealants on heating accessories …

   –  This sealant can maintain continuously from 55 degrees to 270 degrees while maintaining excellent flexibility and resistance to weather effects.

Creative Engineering is a distributor of genuine silicon adhesive products from Dow. Contact us for advice on the best option for your business!




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